6 Şubat 2015 Cuma

Leather Couture: From Bags to Boots - It’s All In!

Leather fashion has flooded the clothes and the outfits market in the past few years, or so it seems. The surprising or not so surprising part is that it is not only jackets, shoes and gloves – the things that normally come to mind when we think of leather - that are being manufactured in this material and becoming popular, but almost everything imaginable that can be part of an outfit is being manufactured in leather. Tops, bags, clutches, coats, wallets, belts, pants, shoes, trousers, skirts – you name it, they have it in leather. And it is becoming popular like crazy!

Men and women alike are being swept along with the tide of this fashion frenzy that seems is associated with leather being stylish, classy, comfortable and convenient all at the same time. Not to forget that leather is a very strong material – that adds to its appeal, for a lot of people use leather not merely for fashion. Take for instance horseback riders and bikers. The fact that it gives a classy look is probably the prime reason why the elite class wore leather apparel in the past and even today. The exotic look and feel of leather was the reason why certain reptiles and snakes are near extinction. Even though endangered species are now protected by law in most areas around the world, the leather industry has thrived. There are many leather jacket industry in the world and they are offering also celebrity leather jackets in cheap price such as Brad Pitt leather jacket, GTA 5 jacket, Dark Knight Rises bane coat and etc. Leather’s something that can be worn year – round and since it’s classy, it never really gets old. You can get your old stuff out of the wardrobe and use it as if you bought it last week – no problem there, and, in fact, many problems solved!

Anything new we’re seeing this season? Well, apart from the classic leather dresses and accessories, the new thing in the market is mixing leather with other types of fabric. Combinations of leather and different fabrics are being used in shirts, coats, skirts, everything. The other fabrics used in this season are knitted fabrics, wool or cotton, mostly. Given the nature of leather, though, you can feel free to mix and match anything!

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